Nassar_finalWe believe in delivering high performance in accordance with these seven commitments:

We take a deep personal interest to act purposefully to achieve excellence and success.

Measurable Indicators:
Equipped with confidence for doing what we love for a living;Highly spirited, driven and always up for our next adventure;Strive for the highest personal achievement in all aspects;Act with urgency by showing a can-do attitude when met with challenges so we can exceed expectations.

We continuously strive to exceed expectations as a habit to achieve the best possible results.

Measurable Indicators:
Encourage continuous improvement to get things right the first time;Continually meet or exceed customer requirements;Commit to the highest quality in every aspect of business operations;Innovate and think creatively.

We respect all our stakeholders and we respect our environment.

Measurable Indicators:
Consistently treat people with respect, fairness and equality;Nurture our people’s strengths and provide opportunities for development and personal growth;Create an inclusive environment that respects diversity and experience; Contribute to the improvement of the environments in which we operate.

We bring fun into our corporate environment, recognize efforts and celebrate achievements.

Measurable Indicators:
Build an environment that promotes positive energy and enthusiasm;Encourage teamwork;Remembers that “Wow” is a desirable outcome;Recognize and reward people for their effort and contribution.

We are open to ideas and diversity; we believe that transparency is essential in every aspect of our business.

Measurable Indicators:
Share information, experience and knowledge;Communicate with transparency;Comply with all legislation and regulations;Encourage collaboration and teamwork.

We do what we say; we deliver on our promises.

Measurable Indicators:
Live up to our promises and accept ownership;Take responsibility for action and ensure processes are always in a state of progress;Show respect for time and each deadline that is agreed upon.

We bring meaning to our jobs and link them to the organization’s long term goals; we engage in activities that create value for the society and the environment at large.

Measurable Indicators:
Actively links own job responsibilities and objectives to the overall vision and long term goals of the organization and helps others do the same.Get involved in activities that add value and prosperity to our society;Show consideration for the effects of actions on others and our society at large;Participate in CSR activities that create a positive impact in our community.

Ahmed Nassar
Managing Director